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We hummed and hawed about how to cover costs of running this website. After all it's been setup as a service to promote gigs and live music in the community of Southend.  Costs are minimal, but there are some, like web hosting charges, mailing list software subscription and the time involved in adding content and maintaining the website.

Covering costs is different to monetisation, and monetisation is what you see all over websites in the form of adverts that get in the way of content, sometimes advertising things the website doesn’t agree with ethically or morally. There may be sponsorship options in the future, but we need to find the right way to do this.

In the meantime, we created a donate button. It has a ceiling on it, so you can never over-donate, but small amounts go to making sure this service keeps going without being compromised by advertisers.  If you'd like to donate to support this website please use the button below. Please be assured that all money raised goes back into running this website. 

Thank you!


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