What The Hell Is Music On My Doorstep?

If you didn't see our original mailout you may well be wondering what this website is about. The idea began with the question, "where is there live music near me tonight?"

The website is an offshoot of a Facebook page created by Leigh resident, and musician, Dan Atrill. It lists many more gigs than could be found on Facebook or Google, and its sole purpose is to create a calendar of gigs in the Southend area, making it easy to know what's going on locally. Listings on this site are mostly copied from that page, but as we know, not everyone uses social media.

Listing of events is free, so if you're a promoter, venue or band, please let us know if you have any upcoming gigs around Southend. This is a friendly service aiming to promote gigs of all types (original music, covers, tributes, open mics, touring acts and more) so please be friendly in return! 

If you need to send details of a gig, or to correct details we are showing, please use the contact page.